I have 3 months of charges on my credit card and never signed up for this. I do not even know what Badoo meeting network is.

I want to know how you got my credit card number and how to remove these charges. I will be reporting this as a fraud entry if I do not hear back from you immediately.

Why I need to enter 100 words is beyond me. So I will keep on typing until I hit the 100 so I can submit.

Contact Pam at 604.309.5392 to get this straightened out. Thank you and

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ohhhhhh my God!!!!!!!!!!!! the same thing happened to me!!!!

they took all my money out of my account!!!!

i am so pissed off right now because i have no *** clue who the *** this company is and how they got hold of my card!!! what is going on here????!!!!!!!


all you need to do is call your bank and report fraud on you account


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